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Price and Presentation

Listings sell because of Price and Presentation. If the home is well priced and looks great (both on the web and in person), it sells. If it is priced too high, it sits on the market. If it is priced too low, it might generate multiple offers.

You will know how your pricing strategy is working based upon your property’s launch on the market – if there is interest and offers, it is good. If there is interest but no offers, it is slightly over priced. If there is no interest and no offers, your price is too high and buyers are staying away.

Additionally, the old school motto of pricing high and then negotiate down, tends to not be effective any more (unless you have a truly unique property). The internet has made buyers quite savvy as to market conditions and price.

If your price is way out of alignment, they will think you are not open to negotiation and will sit and watch your property grow stale on the market. Then you will start to get low ball offers which will drive you crazy. Nobody likes that! Price properly from the start. It is the best way to actually sell your home.

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