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Buying Steps

Buying a home is exciting! But real estate in Vancouver is expensive, so, like any big purchase, it is important to do your research before you start shopping.

Here is a suggested To Do list before you buy your home:

  • Figure out what you can afford. Speak with your bank, mortgage broker to “know your numbers”. It will always be easier to fall in love with a 900K condo over a 200K. So, you need to know your price limits.
  • Figure out your must haves vs. your would be nice to haves.
  • Find a good realtor who will explain the buying process to you and give you tools to find your home
  • Start shopping.
  • Line up your real estate team: lawyer/ notary, home inspector etc
  • When you find your dream place, make an offer
  • If your offer is accepted, do all the conditions on your offer by the deadline given to you. (E.g. finalize financing etc).
  • Remove subjects (the conditions to buy)
  • On completion day, you pay for the house
  • On possession day, you get the house!
  • Celebrate!

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